Authoritative SYSVOL restore (DFS-R)

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14 responses to “Authoritative SYSVOL restore (DFS-R)”

  1. Slint says :

    I’ve search the net the whole day and bazinga! I found your post! All my troubles are gone. Thanks for a wery good post! You are a hero!

    • Henrik says :

      Same goes for me! Thank you kindly Krzysztof, I can now demote my temporary primary DC with a clear conscience.

  2. El Chipo says :

    Hey, I did as you asked above but on my PDC I won’t get Event ID 4602, instaead I always get 2213. Any clues?

  3. Joe Smith says :

    Great article, Was trying to piece together info from multiple sources. this explained it all. Fixed my problem

  4. Karl says :

    You’ve effectively just saved my ass. THANK YOU!

  5. Drakes says :

    Thank you very much for this easy step-by-step instruction. Got my 2 Domain Controllers working again. You really saved me a lot of time and Trouble.

  6. David Harris says :

    After weeks of trying to fix this issue in my domain, your steps worked perfectly !!!! Thank you so much for posting this information !!!!!!

    I will definitely never forget it !!!!!!!!!

  7. oanjao says :

    Great article! The official Microsoft documentation on this subject is hard to understand. Your article is much easier to follow, and the screen shots were very helpful.

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