Authoritative SYSVOL restore (FRS)

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8 responses to “Authoritative SYSVOL restore (FRS)”

  1. Marcinei says :

    Para Windows server 2012 siga o KB Microsoft para solução do problema de replicação da pasta Sysvol:
    Marcinei Rocha

  2. Igor says :

    Hi Buddy,
    Saved the day for me! keep up the grate work! 🙂

  3. Tom says :

    Must give you some props for this post. Very detailed explanation and fixed my issue. Thanks man

  4. champ says :

    Good Article..
    great article .. i will glad if i can get a solution for my problem…

    In my case i found that the domain controller which is holding all roles is having issue. some days back DC1 was having disk space issue. I saw journal wrap error on DC1 which is holding all roles.. i think due to this It is not allowing replication of SYSvol folder to other domain controller…

    Today i tested by creating test GP on both domain controller and try to access vice versa…ie the policy which i created on DC1 is not able to access from Dc2. It shows path not found. Same thing when i access the GP from DC1 which was created on DC2 shows path not found.

    The thing is when i create a new policy its can be seen in DC1 SYSVOL folder as this is PDC emulator , but not in DC2 SYSvol folder.

    So i think if i am not wrong i need to Do authoritative restore on DC1 and NON authoratative restore on DC2 So please need to know what are the precaution and procedure to follow with out downtime to have healthy SYSVOL replication between domain controllers

  5. YA says :

    I have a problem, i restore my no authoritative server, and after rebooting the server active directory does not work ! Some one can help me please !

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