lastLogon vs lastLogonTimestamp

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8 responses to “lastLogon vs lastLogonTimestamp”

  1. mike says :

    Very helpful!

  2. mattjoyce says :

    Also consider ADFIND which can format the dates and output to CSV.

    • iSiek says :

      Hey Matt,

      thank you for reading my article and for your suggestion 🙂
      Yes I know ADFIND, but this is separate tool which is not always permitted in some companies that’s why I did not decide do describe it. But who knows, maybe some day, I will write an article how to use ADFIND?

      Thank you once again for your suggestion


  3. fede79 says :

    I wonder how this worked:

    you used (objectClass=User)(objectCategory=Person)
    instead of (objectCategory=Person)(objectClass=User)
    As far as I know the position matters for this command.

    Besides, I will be glad to read a post related to ADFIND

    • iSiek says :


      no in this case position does not matter becasue there is “implication” (AND) used. That means the object must be from User class AND from Person category. The same for the second option: object mus be Person category AND User class.

      Position matters if you use OR then it is really important to place syntax in correct order.

      I hope I could somehow explain it to you 🙂 If you have other questions do not hesitate to ask.

      And yes, I will try to prepare some article about ADFIND. Thank you very much for your suggestion


  4. Luis Miguel says :

    Thank you for your article, very helpful.

  5. Sourav says :

    Thanks to your effort, very helpful… we can look at this article also

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