How to migrate OU structure from one domain to another

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10 responses to “How to migrate OU structure from one domain to another”

  1. zahid saeed says :

    Great! it worked 100% for me. Million thanks for posting these nice easy steps

  2. Ron Cho says :

    I have to migrate everything in the current DC in diefferent forest different domain to a brand new forest and brand new domain. The biggest concern is preserving the current user accounts and the passwords. What do you recommend to accomplish that task?

  3. dave says :

    Awesome man, thanks

  4. Brajesh Panda says :

    Reblogged this on TechOnTip Weblog and commented:
    How to migrate OU structure from one domain to another

  5. Horace says :

    Great! Can this process also migrate the permissions on the OUs?

  6. Fred says :

    I noticed a problem, because the OUs are added in the file in the order where they were created.

    The problem is that if one of the OUs was created first and then moved to an other OU cretade after, the import will fail.

    The only solution I found is to be sure that OU are correctly ordered in the file, putting parent OUs first.

    • iSiek says :

      Yes, this is right. But you can use a workaround for this. Add -z switch within a syntax, which continues if error occur. Execute import as long as you would see at the end 0 records imported 🙂

      If an object exists, it would not be overwritten, so don’t worry about executing command few times. But remember about -z switch 🙂


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