Adding additional Domain Controller

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6 responses to “Adding additional Domain Controller”

  1. kflabs says :

    Did you try to solve errors (if some) or warnings (I think, there are some) shown by “Best Practices Analyzer” after scanning “AD: DS” and “DNS Server” roles?

    It may be good topic for your next posts if you want to write something to beginners.

    • iSiek says :

      No, I don’t, becuase it’s reserved for another article about BPA 🙂
      So, please be patient and you would see post about BPA
      Thank you for interesting in that topic.

  2. kflabs says :

    And one mistake:

    “In case of server failure, we still have another one which can provide necessary services in our network, which avoids business continuity.”

    I think you thought about “business discontinuity” in this sentence, didn’t you? 🙂

  3. Jay says :

    In my environment PDC and BDC in place but when i shutdown the pdc, user is not able to login to their machines using domain credentials.
    Please let us know the cause of the issue.

    • iSiek says :

      Please check if your clients have configured alternate DNS server in NIC’s properties. If they are DHCP clients then go to DHCP management console (dhcpmgmt.msc) and under server/scope options (depends on your configuration) check option no. 006 This option is responsible for issuing DNS servers list to clients. Probably there is set up the only one DNS IP address or the second one is inappropriate. Make sure that those IP address are only the internal ones. Public DNS servers should be added in DNS server under Forwarders tab. After that change make sure if your clients got new confiuration and check again if the problem exists.

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