Decommissioning the old Domain Controller

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4 responses to “Decommissioning the old Domain Controller”

  1. Cimibrebtew says :

    That was a great piece of information, I enjoyed reading it.
    [edited post. No adverts in comments, plese – iSiek]

  2. Anand says :

    Greetings,this was very helpful.I would like to check further>I am told that the basic checks such as dcdiag and the DNS records cleanup,we should also remember to use the correct DNSresolver settings for domain controllers.can you explain further/provide some info on this? TQ

    • iSiek says :

      Hello Anand,

      yes, this is really important to set up properly DNS servers list on Domain Controllert to avoid an issue. If DNS service is broken on a DC or it is inaccessible then Domain Controller cannot be get up until DNS server would be reached as whole AD relies on DNS server records.

      To configure DNS server list properly on each Domain Controller I would suggest settings DNS servers within NIC’s properties in this order:

      Primary DNS server: IP address of another DC/DNS server within the same location for fast DNS query resolution
      Alternate DNS server: IP address of that particular Domain Controller itself
      3rd DNS server: IP address of loopback interface ( as this is always available if NIC is not broken. So, if during DC reboot not IPs can be reached then the last chance is contacting DNS server over loopback interface (works only if DC is also DNS server).

      I hope these settings would help you.


  3. Matt says :

    will be keeping this book marked for future reference, thanks for the information, very useful.

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