Transferring FSMO roles from GUI

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  1. AnthonyCPSAdmin says :

    I am migrating from a 2003 (DC01) (current master of all roles), to a 2008 R2 (DC11).

    ISSUE: When I am looking at the first step, transferring the schema master using the “Active Directory Schema” mmc, the new domain controller DC11 shows as “Inactive” under status.

    When I run “netdom query dc”, it shows both domain controllers.

    When I check the dns entries on both servers, everything looks good and has both servers as (same as parent folder), also showing their normal computer records in both forward and reverse lookup

    Running “dcdiag” shows every single test passed. There was originally a frs issue, but i ran D4 & D2 resets to resolve that problem, it is working fine now.

    At this point, everything APPEARS to be ok, so I am unsure how to proceed from here.

    • iSiek says :

      So, everything seems to be fine. How do you use MMC console to transfer Schema Master role? Have you selected that Windows Server 2008R2 Domain Controller, first?

      What do you mean, saying “inactive”

      Thank you for more information in advance.


      • AnthonyCPSAdmin says :

        In your screen shot, when you have opened up MMC and connected to the Schema snap in, you show the 3 servers listed under “Change Directory Server”. You have “Online” listed under status for all 3 servers. My new domain controller, and the one I am even performing these tasks from, says “Unavailable”. Not sure why I wrote inactive in my first post, that was a slip of the brain.

        Interestingly, I continued with your steps anyways, and it appears to have worked, at least when I run “netdom query fsmo” it shows my new controller as the master. Every time I changed the domain controller it showed my new one as “Unavailable”, but let me select it anyways.

  2. Arshad Javed says :

    very informative

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